Our Bakery


DISH BakeryBack when Grandma would have you over for Family Dinner, she never skimped. And she put the most labor and love into dessert. In the DISH Bakery, we try to do it just like Grandma.

From hand-shredding fresh organic carrots for our Carrot Cake to our from-scratch crusts on every Deep DISH Apple Pie, we start early in the morning – every morning – using the freshest seasonal ingredients to bring our guests a wide variety of desserts.

And we don’t put this TLC into our fresh pastries for just our in-house guests. With proper notice, we can make any of our pies, cakes, tortes – ANY of our desserts – “Family Style”... enough to feed your entire party. That means that friend of yours who loves DISH’s famous Red Velvet cupcakes can have a two-layer Red Velvet birthday cake (enough to feed 12 friends!) for their special day.

Our Pastry Chef is experimenting every day with both traditional and rare dessert ingredients (We never know what we’ll find Saturday morning at Farmers’ Market!) so there’s always something new to try. And because it’s from the DISH Bakery, you know you’re getting top-notch freshness and quality. Yes, we pit every single cherry and peel every peach for our famous summertime pies. Yes, we hand-craft each individual Rustic Pear Tart during the Autumn. Yes, we scrutinize every dessert before it makes it to the menu. After all, Grandma never settled for less than perfection; why should we?